About us 

Based on our experience of more than 10 years in olfactory marketing, and with the intention of bringing the proposed companies closer to their communication needs based on individualized aromatic solutions, this is how two old colleagues from the sector have been doing half a year ago. International decided to launch this new project.

Our goals

Set as an objective a business model that does not focus exclusively on short-term profitability, but rather prioritizes the satisfaction of our clients and guarantees that our employees and collaborators work in an environment that is respectful and compatible with their personal and family life.

Put the accent on innovation. Research new materials and solutions in collaboration with technicians, and be able to generate products that are the most efficient and respectful of our environment. Get e-arome to combine success as a project without forgetting in any case its social commitment to create a better present and future for our society.

Our Team

We are accompanied by a team of young people of great creativity to be able to guarantee the maximum exchange of experiences with our clients that help us develop the most adapted aromatic solutions to each company and situation.
A project that was born with the desire to maintain an innovative, restless spirit, open to the ideas of our clients and attentive to the advances that allow a business model that respects our environment.

Automatized manufacturing process

Production system with automated and semi-automatic robotic systems with Roxane technology.

Maximum precision and safety that guarantees fragrances that meet the specifications and quality agreed with our customers.