Scented Ancillary

Aromatic accessories for your hotel, office and home.

More and more studies have shown that the sense of smell has a connection between aromas, memory, personality and productivity. That is why it is so important to scent your home or business as part of the decoration.

The fragrances in our aromatic supplements can help you fall asleep and even combat stress. Not to mention that with them you can give a unique perfume to your home and create dream environments. And, as you already know, there is nothing as personal as the aroma of your home or your business.

There are, in addition, many varieties of fragrances that will have very different effects on your body, and that you can alternate according to your mood.

Choose your aromatic complement:

From the combination of fragrance essences with other raw materials, aromatization is achieved using combustion (candle), evaporation (mikado) or spraying (air fresheners or pillow mists) as diffusion means.

Scented Candles

Wax made from soybean oil, presented in a glass container and scented with the mildest fragrances, to create a pleasant and relaxing environment.

Reed Diffusers

Decoration and setting in a natural way with fiber rods that evaporate the fragrance from the 100 ml glass bottle. and they allow the regulation of the intensity of the fragrance.

Room Spray

200 ml bottles. with diffuser for instant aromatization of your home or business.


100 ml bottles. or 500 ml. with a hydrogel spray gun with a pleasant texture, scented with mild, non-sticky fragrances.