Scent Your Space

Scenting your premises: what is it about ?

The scent marketing and the aromatization of spaces is today part of the marketing strategy of a significant number of establishments. Both facilities rented to clients for professional or recreational use (hotels, tourist apartments, offices …) and commercial spaces.

A corporate aroma is a branding medium that allows you to transmit a message and evoke good feelings in your customers.

By linking your business to a fragrance, you can reinforce and transmit a unique message, enhance the values of your brand, position your business in the market and differentiate yourself from the competition with an innovative and totally emotional product.

  • Choose your fragrance: Choose with our wide catalog of fragrances or let us advise you.
  • Fragrance diffusion strategy: Determine the best equipment, placing and settingsto maximize the impact on your customers.

Our aroma diffusers for your business and home

We work with 4 different scent diffusers perfect for scenting your home or business:

Three for smaller spaces with a discreet and attractive design, which you can combine with any decoration.
And one for larger spaces (up to 3000m3) that expands the aroma by cold micro nebulization, creating micro particles that create a dry mist that neither wet nor stains, being an ideal product for scenting professional spaces and even for your home.

Scent Diffuser ‘Scent Flow’

Scents an area of up to 3000m3

Our Scent Flow scents your space thanks to the advanced atomization principle. Cold air technology to perfume spaces up to 1000m2.
  • Very quiet.
  • Smart App: Data monitoring with Wifi control.
  • Screen for programming
  • Suitable for hotels, offices, public / private spaces and shops.

Scent Diffusor ‘Scent Prisma’

Scents up to 180m3

Scent Prisma diffuser neutralizes odors and perfumes your store, office, house or apartment with a coverage of around 60 m2.
  • No installation needed, just plug into a power outlet.
  • 100 ml fragrance cartridge. with a duration of 720 hours.

What fragrances can we scent your space with?

You have already seen that the benefits of aromatizing your space are innumerable: They favor the image of your company, attract and retain the relationship with your customers.

You can choose your fragrance between all those available or contact us to request more information.