Scented ceramic pieces

White clay pieces made with natural materials and scented with your fragrance or corporate odotype.

When we talk about scented shipments for your online store, without a doubt, ceramic is an unbeatable element due to its elegance and its benefits:

  • Porosity: Its porosity allows us to guarantee an unsurpassed fragrance effect that will accompany the customers of your online store for many months.
  • Sustainable: Its sustainable composition allows its reuse, making it a very suitable product for any olfactory marketing strategy that considers sustainability as an essential element.
  • Scenting spaces: Your client can use the ceramic piece to scent multiple corners of their home, their car or their workplace. That guarantees the presence of your fragrance or corporate odotype for a long time.

Why shall you aromatize your shipments with scented ceramic pieces?

Cautious and elegant, the scented ceramic piece guarantees that when you open the package, your customers will experience an unforgettable olfactory experience that always will associate with your brand.