JASMINE TONKA ON: Odor Neutralizer floral fragrance based on jasmine and rose that begins with a sparkling green top and merges into a charismatic amber and woody base.

PASSION ROSE: Floral fragrance around the tuberose that begins with a citrus and fruity top to melt into an elaborated background of patchouli and vanilla.

COEUR DE BOIS: Floral fragrance around the rose that begins with a citrus and aromatic top that acquires afterwards a strong woody and musky character.

PARADIS FLORAL: A fruity floral fragrance based on gardenia and cherry blossom that starts with a fruity watery top and melts into a delicate base of sandalwood and musk.

ARMUT BRILLANT: Fruity floral fragrance around freesia that begins with notes of water fruits and melts into an ambered accord with hints of musk and patchouli.

FRESH CLOTHES: The soft and relaxing scenting for your most intimate space from notes of fruit, eucalyptus with a fresh and sweet mix.

COTTON: A floral fragrance that opens with delicious notes of anise to lead us to a heart of cotton flower and finish strengthened by a base of sandal wood.


AURANTIUM: Aromatic and citrusy fragrance around rosemary and neroli with a strong floral accent and woody and ambered connotations.

MEDITERRANEAN MIST: Aromatic fragrance around thyme with a marked camphoraceous accent and eucalyptus and oregano connotations.

WHITE LAVENDER: Aromatic fragrance around lavender, with a heart and sweet base of rose, vanilla and peach.

AROMATIC SERENITY: Citrus and aromatic fragrance melts into a chamomile heart with hints of mint and anise. A wake of vanilla and orange blossom closes a fragrance that will take you to the serenity and tranquility of the great Ukrainian plain.

VIRIDIUM TEA: After the green and aromatic notes at the start, the fragrance melts into a heart of white tea with citrus and floral touches. A trail of musk and amber wraps the fragrance.

FLORAL TEA: After the citrus notes of departure, the fragrance melts into a heart of green tea with a marked floral accent. A wake of musk and amber completes the fragrance.

WHITE VELVET: With the heart of white tea and thyme we achieve a soft and delicate fragrance ideal for creating relaxing moments for you. Citrus top notes of green lemon and tangerine give it a lively and refreshing touch.

LEMON VERBENA: A strong citrus imprint that has great relaxing and toning properties.


NEUTRODOR: A neutralizing fragrance is presented as the best solution to eliminate bad odors caused by sewage and humidity. A sweet water melon top note together with tangerine heart creates a very gentle combination of notes.

SEA SALT: A soft and aromatic marine fragrance that transports us to the beaches of the transparent waters of the Mediterranean Sea.

DEEP SEA: Refreshing marine fragrance that starts with citrus and green touches. An ambered and woody scent gives it charisma and distinction.

SAGE MARINE: The heart of the sage accompanied by a touch of the sea is presented in a cheerful and fresh way from very lively citrus notes.

DOLCE TRAMONTO: A fragrance that transport us to a warm and relaxing afternoon with citrus and floral notes on a warm final notes.

MOUNTAIN WIND: Refreshing ozonic fragrance that starts with aromatic and sparkling notes that melt into an ozonic and floral heart. A woody scent envelops the fragrance.

SEA MIST: After the green and citrus notes of departure, the fragrance discovers a pleasant marine and floral heart. A trail of musk and jasmine completes the fragrance.


CANDY FRUITS: A fruity fragrance that begins with green and citrus notes that melt into a tropical heart. A scent of red fruits completes the fragrance.

TROPICAL PASSION: A fruity fragrance that opens with citrus notes that melt into a tropical heart. A musky, woody scent completes the fragance.

CITRIC PAMPLEMOUSSE: Citrus fragrance around grapefruit that acquires green and fruity connotations and a strong musky and gourmand character.


CITRUS TURQUOISE: An effervescent and fresh fragrance from lemon that is consolidated by final notes of musk and amber.

BUDDHA BAMBU: Refreshing fragrance around citrus notes, with a woody accent and touches of amber.

VITAL ENERGY: Citrus fragrance around tangerine and orange that acquires green and floral connotations while always retaining a strong citrus touch.

CITRUS LIGHT ON : Odor Neutralizer fragrance, after the aromatic and citrus notes of exit, the fragrance melts in a herbal and aromatic heart with marked ozone accent. An amber trail completes the fragrance.

SPORTS FEVER: Crisp and invigorating fragrance from citrus and floral notes with a powerful base of musk and patchouli.

CITRUS BARGAMOT: Fresh and floral with a base of sandal wood and musk that gives it consistency for a powerful atmosphere.

BULGAR: A heart of guayak with a spicy citrus touch along with very robust base notes create powerful and very attractive fragrance.


CHANDAN BARGAMOT: Woody fragrance around sandalwood that starts with citrus notes and acquires ambered connotations and touches of patchouli.

VANILLA FOREST: Oriental fragrance that begins with refreshing citrus and aromatic notes that blend into a woody floral heart. A vanilla oriental wake with hints of musk, amber and sandalwood wraps the fragrance.

SMOOTH VANILLA: Woody fragrance that starts with sparkling citrus notes and acquires a strong oriental character with hints of amber.

ORIENTAL WOODS: Woody fragrance that begins with coniferous notes that melt into a heart of cedar wood. A scent of sandalwood and patchouli envelops the fragrance.

EAWAD ZAEFRAN: Woody fragrance that begins with notes of incense that melt into a heart of oudh and saffron. A scent of leather and moss with ambered touches envelops the fragrance.

PATCHOULI VELVET ON : Odor Neutralizer woody fragrance around the patchouli that acquires fruity brushstrokes at the exit and a marked vanilla oriental accent in the background.

ZENTIME: A woody fragrance that opens with notes of apple with a heart of patchouli with sweet vanilla.



FOREST MISTERY ON: Odor Neutralizer coniferous fragrance around fir balsam that starts with camphor notes that melt into an aromatic heart. A musky and woody base envelops the fragrance.

VICTORIOUS BOY: A fragrance where the heart of fern takes a center stage along with moss to generate a green and relaxing environment.

ENERGETIC MAN: Fragrance that opens with a citrus tone that quickly becomes enveloped by a floral heart that is supported by vigorous and powerful final notes.

CITRIC MAMBU: Herbal and aromatic fragrance that starts with lavender and eucalyptus notes to reveal a heart dominated by bamboo and green tea.

FRESH CUT GRASS: Herbal fragrance around freshly cut grass that acquires connotations of bamboo and strong aquatic and floral character.

FRESH BAMBOO: After the citrus and sparkling notes of departure, the fragrance discovers an amber and marine heart. A trail of moss and precious woods completes the fragrance.


SPICY SPELL: A spicy fragrance that begins with notes of cinnamon and cardamom and takes on anise, ginger and pepper connotations.

FRUITS OF MALUKU: A spicy fragrance that begins with green pepper and coriander notes and acquires ginger, nutmeg and a marked woody character connotations.

NIGHT ELEGANCE: After the fruity and sparkling notes of departure, the fragrance melts into a spicy and velvety heart. A vanilla wake wraps the fragrance.


ITALIAN CAPPUCCINO: Gourmand fragrance that starts with delicious hints of cream and caramel that melt into a heart of coffee with vanilla and toasted connotations.

SWEET MUFFIN: Gourmand fragrance that starts with delicious notes of butter and anise that reveal a cinnamon, vanilla and toasted heart with a strong caramel accent.

DARK CHOCOLATE: Gourmand fragrance that starts with delicious notes of hazelnut cream to reveal a heart of dark chocolate that acquires vanilla and toasted connotations.

GET READY: Starting from a citrus and floral notes, we arrive at a heart around chocolate that is supported by a base of musk, amber and vanilla.


CHRISTMAS CINNAMON: After the citrus and green top notes, the fragrance melts into a spicy heart with fruity hints. A background of vanilla and musk surrounds it perfectly.

FIR BALSAM:  Pine and cedar wood top&middle notes emerge over a strong fir balsam note that gives a unique touch.