The Impact of Olfactory Marketing in the Furniture Sector

Despite the rise of e-commerce, home furnishing sales continue to predominate in physical stores and exhibitions. These spaces allow clients to explore various furniture proposals, experience their distribution and receive personalized advice to adapt them to their needs.

The Importance of the Sensory Experience at the Point of Sale

In a highly competitive environment, where differentiation is key, sensory marketing has become a fundamental tool for companies in the furniture and interior design sector. Beyond the mere functionality of the product, consumers seek an enriching shopping experience that stimulates their senses and emotions.

Any business that requires the physical presence of the customer in the establishment can greatly benefit from sensory marketing strategies, including aroma marketing. An adequate multisensory communication strategy at the point of sale can make the difference between closing a sale or losing it.

Why is aromatic marketing essential for our exhibitions and showrooms?

  1. Increased Dwell Time: Aromatizing the space can prolong the stay of potential visitors, increasing conversion opportunities. The more time they spend in the establishment, the greater the chances of making a sale.
  2. Improvement in Product Perception: The aroma can positively influence the customer’s perception of the product or service, increasing its perceived value and, therefore, the likelihood of purchase. A fresh and pleasant aroma can be associated with quality and comfort, creating a positive impression in the consumer’s mind.
  3. Generation of a Positive Environment: Fragrances have the power to create different moods in people. Depending on the fragrance selected, we can encourage fluid and positive communication between sellers and customers in our showroom. A relaxing aroma can help reduce tension and facilitate interaction, while an energizing aroma can stimulate enthusiasm and attention.

Additional reasons to incorporate scent marketing in your establishment

  1. Product Association: Through aromatization, we can recreate the smells associated with a specific space, such as the aroma of coffee in a coffee shop or the smell of wood in a furniture store, reinforcing the customer experience and evoking familiar and comforting sensations.
  2. Brand Perception: The aromatization of the space can contribute to improving the perception that customers have of our brand, either by enhancing its perceived value or by associating it with positive attributes. A distinctive and memorable aroma can become a differentiating element that highlights our brand in the consumer’s mind and strengthens their emotional connection with our products and services.

Do you want to get a customized scenting proposal ?

These five reasons highlight the importance of incorporating aroma marketing in stores and exhibition spaces for furniture and home decoration. If you want more information or to receive an aromatic proposal for your establishment, do not hesitate to contact us at:

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