Scented accessories for your home and office

Scented Hydroalcohol

100 ml and 500 ml. bottles with a spray gun for hydroalcohol solutions a pleasant texture, flavored with soft, non-sticky fragrances.

What is our scented hydroalcohol for?

Disinfectant hydroalcohol are a very effective product (with doses> 60% alcohol) for people who work in spaces with high public traffic, being a quick way to wash their hands and avoid viruses and bacteria.

An alternative to cleaning hands with soap and water. It is recommended in situations where we do not have access to a bathroom: when visiting a store or any other common space, it will help us eliminate bacteria and viruses found on our hands.

Our non-sticky hydroalcoholic scented solutionl is specially formulated to provide an immediate cleaning and a moisturizing effect for our hands.

The fragrances of our hydroalcoholic solutions

  • Citrus Light: After the aromatic and citrus notes at the start, the fragrance melts into a herbal and aromatic heart with a marked ozonic accent. A trail of amber completes the fragrance.
  • Pleasant Rest: After the sparkling, green and fruity notes at the top, the fragrance melts into an aromatic iridescent heart around thyme and white tea. An amber and jasmine trail completes the fragrance.