Since the first moments of human civilization, more than 8,000 years ago, in places as distant as India or the Americas, fragrances have been an element used to search the deepest spirituality, to be able to find the answers that religions seek to answer about human existence. Reaching that state of mind allows us to reduce worldly stress and free our consciousness to be able to understand better everything that surrounds us.

John Weguelin, “The Obsequies of an Egyptian Cat,” (1886)

Certain essences were / are often present when reading sacred texts in many modern religions such as Christianity, Islam, Judaism, Hinduism, serving as a conductive element of transcendentality within spiritual experience.

Even the smell has been a present element in our civilizations to ridicule other groups, relating modesty with moral depravity and decadent society. This is how the Arab culture did it in the civilization of al-Andalus, much more advanced in hygienic matters than the nations of European origin that competed with it for the domination of the Iberian Peninsula. The importance of smell was proof of a developed society.

In all cases, the sense of smell has played an important role in modulating our individual and collective mood, generating behaviors that have marked social relations in our societies.

The olfactory experience as a healing element, origin of current aromatherapy, is also a constant in many of the oldest civilizations that already used some of the elements that are now recommended for these treatments (eucalyptus, lavender, sandalwood, vanilla, orange, chamomile , bergamot, citronella …). Fragrances are recognized in many medicines, in this little-known link between our health and our state of mind.

In an uninterrupted way in our history, smell has been part of our social relations and therefore, it is also part of our relations of exchange and commerce.

Aromatic marketing is the logical historical continuity of the use of fragrances as a shaping element of our human and commercial interactions.

From e-AROME we take it into account. The choice of the optimal aromatic solution for our clients, which we will share in a scented package or in a scented decorative element, is the central element of our professional project. If you want to know more about our proposals, please contact:

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