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Opal Reed Difusser 500 ml.

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Opal Reed diffuser 250 ml.

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Reed Diffusers: decorate and set the mood

The reed diffusers is a revolution in the world of home scents. It is a decorative alternative to traditional air fresheners. Reed diffusers are based on the use of rattan canes as an aroma diffuser element. These canes are introduced into the corresponding container with the air freshener in liquid format.

This type of air freshener provides a new way of scenting compared to the sobriety of traditional air fresheners. These traditional air fresheners prevailed the atmosphere but without taking into account the decoration. With reed diffusers, both issues are combined so that it can be scented and decorated at the same time.

How to use your reed diffusers?

The operation of these air fresheners is very simple and in a very natural way. They work by absorption or capillarity so that the perfume in liquid format soaks the inserted canes that function as a diffuser of the chosen aroma.
For a correct operation of these reed diffusers it is essential that the canes do their function separately, without joining each other so that their use is more effective. In this way, the space can be used to more effectively amplify the expansion of the aroma.

How to optimize the diffusion of the aroma in reed diffusers?

Ideally, to optimize the use of our reed diffusers is to introduce all the rattan canes into the bottle with the liquid. These should be separated as much as possible from each other for a better diffusion of the aroma.

You should wait about 30 minutes and check that they have completely absorbed the liquid and are completely soaked in the middle of the submerged rod. Once this is verified, turn the reeds over to optimize the absorption of the air freshener over the entire surface of the reed.

Whatever the conditions, e-arome reed diffusers will give your rooms that pleasant aroma that you have chosen and will accompany you for a long time without losing the intensity and characteristic notes that make each of our fragrances special.