Reed Diffusers. Aromatic accessories for your place

Reed Diffusers

Decoration and setting in a natural way with fiber rods that evaporate the fragrance from the glass bottle. and they allow the regulation of the intensity of the fragrance.

What are our reed diffusers made of?

Reed Diffuser does not consume any type of energy. The wands evaporate the aroma and in contact with the air they spread it through the environment.

The wands that you will find in the mikado air freshener have the property of absorbing the aromatic liquid by capillarity to the surface, thus releasing the fragrance in a prolonged, homogeneous and constant way.

To guarantee that our mikado air freshener. generate a smooth and constant aromatization of the space, we use essential oils mixed with non-alcoholic components.

The fragrance you choose will gradually set the space.


Our Reed Diffuser's fragrances

  • Eawad Zaefran: Woody fragrance that begins with notes of incense that melt into a heart of oud and saffron. A trail of leather and moss with amber brushstrokes surrounds the fragrance.
  • Citrus Light ON : Odor Neutralizer fragrance, after the aromatic and citrus notes of exit, the fragrance melts in a herbal and aromatic heart with marked ozone accent. An amber trail completes the fragrance.
  • Cherry Blossom: A soft and pure floral scent, our Japanese cherry blossom 'sakura' finishes with just a hint of cherry fruit.
  • Vanilla Forest: Oriental fragrance that begins with refreshing citrus and aromatic notes that blend into a woody floral heart. A vanilla oriental wake with hints of musk, amber and sandalwood wraps the fragrance.
  • Floral Tea: After the citrus notes of departure, the fragrance melts into a heart of green tea with a marked floral accent. A wake of musk and amber completes the fragrance.
  • Viridium Tea: After the green and aromatic notes at the start, the fragrance melts into a heart of white tea with citrus and floral touches. A trail of musk and amber wraps the fragrance.