Scented complements for your place

Room Sprays

300 ml bottles. with diffuser for instant aromatization of your home or business.

What is a room spray for?

Room sprays are the most used and most common formats, since in addition to neutralizing odors, this type of air freshener offers a pleasant and fresh smell instantly.

They are very effective in the short term to act against bad odors, and can act more intensely in the areas where it is concentrated and more gently in the less affected areas.

Likewise, a very useful element for the cleaning and maintenance of rooms and offices, leaving a deep aromatic trace that the user will associate with a good maintenance service by the establishment.

Room sprays are an excellent instrument for the fast and effective scenting of small spaces almost immediately.

Room spray fragrances

  • Chandan Bargamot: Woody fragrance around sandalwood that starts with citrus notes and acquires ambered connotations and touches of patchouli.
  • Forest Mystery: Coniferous fragrance around fir balsam that begins with camphor notes that melt into an aromatic heart. A musky and woody background wraps the fragrance.
  • Patchouli Velvet: Fragrance woody around patchouli that acquires fruity touches on the top and a marked vanilla oriental accent in the background.
  • Citrus light ON: Odor Neutralizer fragrance, after the aromatic and citrus notes of exit, the fragrance melts in a herbal and aromatic heart with marked ozone accent. An amber trail completes the fragrance.
  • Deep Sea: Refreshing marine fragrance that starts with citrus and green touches. An ambered and woody scent gives it charisma and distinction.
  • Jasmine Tonka ON: Odor Neutralizer floral fragrance based on jasmine and rose that begins with a sparkling green top and merges into a charismatic amber and woody base.
  • Mountain Wind: Refreshing ozonic fragrance that starts with aromatic and sparkling notes that melt into an ozonic and floral heart. A woody scent envelops the fragrance.
  • Paradis Floral: A fruity floral fragrance based on gardenia and cherry blossom that starts with a fruity watery top and melts into a delicate base of sandalwood and musk.
  • Sea Mist: After the green and citrus notes of departure, the fragrance discovers a pleasant marine and floral heart. A trail of musk and jasmine completes the fragrance.