Scented candles. Aromatic accessories for hotels, offices and homes.

Scented Candles

Wax made from soybean oil, presented in a glass container and scented with the mildest fragrances, to create a pleasant and relaxing environment.

What are our scented candles made of?

Made of wax from soybean oil, presented in a glass container and flavored with the mildest fragrances to create a pleasant and relaxing environment.

  • 100% Natural: Its 100% natural composition guarantees that its combustion does not affect the quality of the air in your place.
  • Duration: Its duration is 3 times higher than that of paraffin candles, without candle waste, it is very efficient and advantageous.

Why aromatize your space with candles?

scented candles create a special atmosphere at any place </ strong>. They help to be full of energy, generate pleasant environments and smells that bring freshness and tranquility to the home.

As soon as a scented candle is lit, the room will be set quickly and intensely within minutes of turning it on.

Our scented candles' fragrances

  • Citrus Light: Aromatic minty fragrance around lemon and eucalyptus with musky end notes.
  • Patchouli Velvet: Woody fragrance around patchouli that melts into a sweet background of vanilla and benzoin.
  • Pleasant Rest: Citrus-aromatic aroma that begins with notes of lemon and mandarin that melt into a floral heart to finish with intense touches of thyme and tonka beans.
  • Vanilla Forest: Fragrance with an oriental touch that begins with a soft fresh citrus scent to melt into a woody vanilla scent.