Scented Deliveries

Scented shipments for your online store

Over the past 10 years we have seen before our eyes how the traditional world of retail has undergone a transformation that the pandemic has only accelerated.

In an environment in which customer buying habits were changing (soon we will reach 50% of total sales through digital channels) it was necessary to rethink olfactory marketing strategies, very focused on the point of sale.

With the mission of turning the online shopping experience into something memorable, one of the best resources that online stores have at their disposal is to use their own odotype, or corporate perfume, to aromatize shipments.

The signature scent of your brand in your shipments

The user experience when the purchase is made online is quite limited. There is hardly any relationship between the customer and the brand. The emotional bond is weak, even non-existent.

For this reason, we propose two solutions with a great impact on online sales through olfactory marketing and scented shipments for your business.

Ceramic pieces or customized scented magnets with selected fragrances that allow us to transfer your brand’s scent, directly to your client’s home.

An explosion of fragrance at the moment of opening the package that will generate an unforgettable sensory experience.

Scented ceramic

Piezas de cerámica blanca hechas con materiales naturales y aromatizadas con tu fragancia u odotipo corporativo.

Scented magnets

El imán aromatizado no sólo te ofrece la posibilidad de aromatizar tus envíos, sino que además, tu marca estará presente en el frigorífico de tu cliente.

Which fragrances can we scent your shipments with?

You have already seen that there are innumerable benefits produced by scented shipments: They favor the image of your company, attract and retain the relationship with your customers.

You can choose your fragrance among all the ones we have available or contact with us for more information.