The aromatization of a hotel space, a rural house, a hostel is increasingly one of the main marketing tools used to improve the perception of the establishment by visitors.

Currently there are means such as Scent Flow, – for large spaces -, or Scent Prisma, – for smaller spaces -, which allow the diffusion of fragrances in an adequate and economical way within the reach of all businesses.

When choosing a fragrance for the hotel establishment, we must first take into account the profile of our current or potential customer.

A l’hora d’escollir una fragància per l’establiment hoteler, en primer terme hem de tenir en compte quin és el perfil del nostre client actual o potencial.

Aromatization of the hotel depending on the country of origin of our customers

Depending on the country of origin of our customers, we will have to take into account what the olfactory preferences are in their countries and the level of aromatization intensity most suitable for them.

In most cases, the most suitable fragrances will be those that create an environment of relaxation and comfort for the visitor, making the stay an unforgettable experience. For example, Calme en Provence, Floral Tea, Pleasant Rest, Viridium Tea, are very suitable options.

Aromatization of the hotel depending on where the establishment is located

Depending on where the establishment is located, be it an urban environment, sea, mountain, cold, tropical, the use of one or another fragrance will also be more appropriate.

  • For spaces near the sea, marine fragrances such as Deep Sea, Sea Mist will be very suitable options.
  • In cold environments, we recommend warm and welcoming fragrances such as Smooth Vanilla, Oriental Woods. Vanilla Forest. In mountain spaces, fresh and green fragrances such as Mountain Wind, Forest Mistery will help the client to find himself in the natural environment.
  • Tropical spaces with fresh fragrances, fruity greens such as Fresh Bamboo, Citric Mambu, Citrus Light will help meet customer expectations.

Aromatization of the hotel and the positioning of the space (business, economic or luxury)

Another very important criteria is the positioning of the space (business, economic, luxury).

  • In luxury spaces, the use of fragrances such as Patchouli Velvet, Eawad Zaefran, Chandan Bargamot, Jasmine Tonka will help us increase the customer’s perception of the establishment’s value.
  • Elegant, popular fresh fragrances such as Buddha Bambu are a great solution for urban environments with spaces where the customer values ​​comfort, the price of the service and finding a moment of relaxation during the working days.

Aromatization of the hotel: entrance (lobby), corridors, rooms, gym or spa area.

When choosing the fragrance, we must take into account which parts of the space we want to visit.

From e-arome we recommend aromatization by diffusion in the atmosphere of the following spaces: entrance (lobby), hallways, rooms, gym, spa area.

  • Spas need fragrances that adapt well to hot and humid conditions. Often herbal and aromatic will be the best solution for these spaces: Minted Lime, Fresh Bamboo, Lemon Tea, Citric Mambu.
  • In the rooms, we recommend using our reed diffusers, room sprays or textile sprays, very effective and economical alternatives. For larger rooms, our Scent Prisma can be a solution that the customer can also regulate in a personal way by turning the diffuser on or off with a simple switch.

Creating a lasting and loyal relationship with the customer, which guarantees that they will regularly visit the establishment, based on the memory of a unique stay associated with a fragrance that generates a very positive olfactory experience is within everyone’s reach. Just make the right selection.

If you want more information about our fragrances, you can visit our website and ask us to send you free samples of your favorite scents.



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