When we have decided to incorporate Olfactory Marketing into our strategy for the promotion and sale of our business, the next step is to ask what is the best way to flavor our spaces.

From several questions, we can choose the best tool for the dissemination of the chosen fragrance:

  1. What space do we want to scent ?
  2. What intensity do we need?
  3. Is the aroma constant or concentrated at certain times of the day?
  4. Do we have easy access to a point of light?
  5. What monthly budget do we have for our Scent Marketing project?

Aromatization Area

Large surfaces require machines connected to ventilation or direct diffusion systems. In this case we would propose a machine like the Scent Flow. For smaller spaces, machines such as Scent Touch or Scent Prisma are ideal for ease of use and recharging:

In smaller spaces, around 20-30 m2, the use of reed diffusers or scented tiles is enough to generate a gentle and homogeneous atmosphere.

Scenting Intensity

In situations where a high level of aromatization is required, either because the space is very large, there is a large rotation of air, large concentration of people or communication strategy, the best option would be the Scent Flow. .

If we are looking for a soft intensity, in medium / small spaces, again we would bet on Scent Touch, Scent Prisma or this wooden diffuser given its comfort and optimal cost.

In enclosed spaces where a light and constant scenting is required, scented ceramic pieces, scented tiles or reed diffusers will be the best options.

Scenting, per hours, Level Adjustment

If for reasons of concentration of people, activity, we want to increase or decrease the intensity of the fragrance in space, this can only provide us automatically, the use of machines that contain the option to create various scenting programs for hours, days of the week. This feature is available in Scent Flow and Scent Touch.

There is also the possibility of doing it manually, disconnecting the device in a simple way as is the case with the Scent Prisma or  wooden diffuser requiring staff at that time.

In case of requiring intensive scenting in specific areas and times, the use of room sprays is recommended. Whether for rooms, offices, changing rooms in shops or sports facilities.

Availability of Electrical Connection

In some areas due to distance, cost, design or convenience, access to a light point is not possible or recommended. In this case, the options are more limited.

In these cases it is recommended to use reed diffusers, textile sprays, room sprays, scented ceramic pieces or tiles, which do not require electricity.

Assigned Budgets

The choice of one or another means of dissemination will depend on everything we are willing to dedicate to our Scent Marketing project to aromatize our spaces to improve the perception of our establishment, products and services by customers and visitors. .

The cheapest option are scented ceramic pieces or tiles. With a duration of approximately 90 days, the monthly cost will be very suitable for very tight budgets, taking into account that it is only efficient in small spaces such as a bedroom, bathroom, small room.

Among the diffusors, our cheapest recommendation would be Scent Prisma. With an economical cartridge that lasts around 720 hours and the ability to scent spaces of up to 60 m2 very efficiently, it is an excellent choice.

If we have staff qualified for the function (cleaning accommodation, store managers), the options of using room sprays is adequate, as long as it is a non-continuous need. If the space requires a constant and homogeneous fragrance, replacing the diffusers with room sprays is not a good decision.

In large spaces, Scent Touch is the only economical and efficient option that will allow you to have an optimal aroma at a reasonable cost, guaranteeing the satisfaction of the establishment’s customers.

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