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What is the most suitable fragrance to scent your space or shipment?

If you want to find the perfect fragrance for your business or e-order shipments, whether it is a store, office, hotel or restaurant, the controlled use of scents will allow you to influence your customer's perception, incentivize your employees , extend the time of stay and favor purchases. In this article, we give you the keys you need to discover the perfect scent for your business. Fragrances for shops, hotels and e-shipments The fragrance you choose should be consistent with the products or services you offer. In this way, in a cafeteria, we use aromas that enhance the smell of products such as coffee, chocolate or cinnamon, while in a shoe store we use aromas for stores with leather, sandalwood, cedar and other essences. To choose the most recommended fragrance in each case, it is necessary to take into...

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