When purchasing candles, it is crucial to choose the most suitable type of wax for our homes. The wax contained in our candle is going to be burnt inside our house, so it is very important to know which one to choose, as not all waxes give off the same substances when burning, nor are they equally pure.

There is only one wax recommended that is harmless not only for our health, but also for the planet earth. This is soya wax.

Soy wax originates from the oil of its legume, the soya bean. As a plant-based food, it is the most sustainable and ethically produced wax available on the market. This is why its versatility and worldwide availability makes it an accessible and 100% healthy product. The lifespan of candles made from this wax is longer than those made from coconut wax, the other more natural alternative.

Coconut wax is the most similar to soya wax. This new wax on the market is odourless, but it is more expensive and less durable than the aforementioned.

Another naturally extracted wax is palm wax, which is obtained from the palm fruit. It has a high level of fragrance. Despite this, we all know the great negative impact this plant has on our health. Furthermore, the purchase of palm wax is currently considered a by-product of deforestation, and therefore an environmental threat not only to the forests but also to the animals that live in them. It is not recommended at all.

Beeswax, which comes from the hives of these insects, could also be considered a sustainable wax at first glance, however, when we go into detail we see that it is less so than soya wax. Bees are considered vital in our ecosystem, and are currently in a situation of increasing environmental risk. It should be noted that this type of wax gives off an aroma similar to that of honey, which, although pleasant, is very difficult to mask and not so easy to make another aroma predominate.

Finally, paraffin. You may have heard of it because of its attractive scent, but did you know that it is made from petroleum? Burning it releases harmful and carcinogenic chemicals that can cause health problems. When you light one of these candles, you are essentially lighting petrol in your home, leaving your rooms filled with toxic fumes. It is true that it is the cheapest wax and it burns for a long time, but it is certainly not the most recommended.

In conclusion, soy wax candles are undoubtedly the best choice. Its natural vegetable origin, the fact that it is free of substances that are harmful to health, and the fact that it is produced without harming the ecosystem, make it the best alternative. Moreover, they are easy to find and their long life will pay off for you.

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