Large, medium and even small companies’ sales in internet have grown dramatically during the last 5 years, accounting to up 30-50% of total turnover in some cases.

Companies deliver their products to the customer via parcel carriers. In most of the cases, customers have seen products which they only purchase in the net.

Digital signage, lighting in shops, music or Scent MKT are part of our visits to many retailer shops.

What happens when customers do not visit shops and get acquaintance with our product only via the net?

Our MKT tools in the shop become irrelevant. Our large amounts of money invested in MKT are not anymore reaching our visitors or customers as a significant quantity of them do only visit us via internet.

As a strategy to stay closer to your e-commerce customers, e-arome develops a powerful way to bring Scent MKT to your customers at home: scenting deliveries.


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