Olfactory marketing 
for companies

From our experience of more than 10 years in the sector, our ‘e-arome’ project was born with the conviction that companies need complete solutions for their aromatic marketing strategy.

From 4 large families we propose a series of products and solutions that manage to generate an emotional experience, creating connections, sales and stronger relationships with your customers.

  • Scented Deliveries: Aromatization of e-commerce shipments
  • Scent Deco: Scented decorative elements
  • Scent Your Space: Setting spaces with diffusers
  • Scented Ancillary: Scented decorative elements

Commitment to developing products that contribute to a more efficient and sustainable society, guaranteeing access to companies and people at very affordable prices.

What are the benefits of olfactory marketing for companies?

Scent marketing for companies has a powerful impact on consumer behavior.

The aroma has an immediate and convincing effect on customers, as they are directly linked to the part of the brain responsible for memories and emotions.



Generates positive experiences and improves brand recognition.



Builds loyalty and increases the perception of value.



Attracts new customers and increases your sales.


Low cost

It is a low cost, high impact strategy.

Olfactory solutions for your business

Four olfactory marketing solutions to get the best emotional experience for your customers.

Scent Ancillary

Aromatic complements to enjoy in your home or workplace.

Scented Deliveries

An unforgettable shopping experience for your online store customers.

Scent Deco

Personalized pieces to aromatize offices, hotels and hostels.

Scent Your Space

Aromatization systems with diffusers for commercial spaces.


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